Halloween Floral Arrangement


October is here! Fall is my favorite season so I decided to do a fall arrangement using black flocking powder. I selected a bunch of different flowers and stems that I liked and found a matching vase that reminded me of Halloween. I then selected a few artificial branches of fall leaves. I painted them with craft glue and heavily distributed the black flocking powder over each leaf.


Halloween Printers Tray

Halloween is just around the corner! I actually did this last season. But since my blog is new, I decided to post it. This is one of my all-time favorite projects that I’ve ever done. I love to create stuff for Halloween and Inkadinkado’s new Halloween stamp line was just screaming for a printers tray. Project is © Inkadinkado®|EK Success.

Stamp Gear Art Canvas


Ok, so maybe you’ve heard all the hype about Inkadinkado’s Stamping Gear from CHA. It’s pretty amazing, the possibilities are endless. I’ve been told this piece that I did was a big hit at CHA and it’s certainly one of my favorites as well. And ofcourse, whenever possible, I like to incorporate beautiful stamps into home decor projects. I love fine art. But I also love vintage. And collage. And sometimes, funky stuff to hang on the wall. I brought all these ideas together with this one piece. The beauty of stamping gear is it’s almost never the same and you can make your designs as small or as big as you like. I used acrylic paint with these stamps rather than ink. I prefer to use acrylic paints with the stamping gear rather than ink in general, because I think the designs are more bold and vibrant. I found the awesome illustration of the woman in an old vintage music sheet booklet I bought at an auction. The buttons are also vintage that I used to create flowers with the book pages. For further instructions, you can visit the Inkadinkado® website under projects. Project is © Inkadinkado®|EK Success.

Father’s Day Picture Frame

Golly good I’d say! I created this for father’s day, but really it could be used for lots of other things. I loved these clear sets and thought they would be perfect for this frame. And for extra fun, I flocked the mustache with black flocking powder and adhered it on the outside of the picture frame. Project is © Inkadinkado® | EK Success.

Inkadinkado® Cling Stamps | Hoops

Another favorite of my projects using the cling stamps. Adorning your home with hoops is in trend again and I really wanted to show how you can use stamps with hoops. I simply used an off white/cream cotton fabric and stamped the clings with various colors onto the fabric. You will notice I also added buttons. I love buttons, especially vintage ones. They add a nice design element to the set. I also stamped the owl cling separately and sewed it on top of the fabric of the smallest hoop. It’s a quick and easy project for your home, studio, or even a children’s room. Project is © Inkadinkado® | EK Success.

Inkadinkado® Cling Stamps | Home Decor Stamp Projects

I love making things for home decor. The possibilities are endless. And who doesn’t love pillows? The two pillows were stamped flat onto the fabric, then stuffed and sewn once finished. The stamping for the lamp was applied the same way. I laid the fabric out onto the table and taped it down then stamped onto the fabric. Once finished, I carefully wrapped it and adhered it to the lamp shade. Finishing with the brown ribbon. I also used the cling stamps for the wall design in the background. Project is © Inkadinkado® | EK Success.