My Henna Cookies

I know this isn’t stamping, BUT, I love baking too! Thought I would post these because they were a lot of fun and the cookies are creative. I did these for a local fundraiser at an Indian concert. They wanted to raise money at the concert and asked if I could make some type of food to sell. What’s better than a cookie, right?! The recipe is for a Mehndi spice cookie. It’s kind-of like gingerbread, although not as sweet. For the henna designs I used royal icing. And for the actual hand, I made my own template out of a sturdy plastic.


Halloween Floral Arrangement


October is here! Fall is my favorite season so I decided to do a fall arrangement using black flocking powder. I selected a bunch of different flowers and stems that I liked and found a matching vase that reminded me of Halloween. I then selected a few artificial branches of fall leaves. I painted them with craft glue and heavily distributed the black flocking powder over each leaf.